What did David Lloyd George want from the Treaty of Versailles?

Did David Lloyd George get what he wanted from the Treaty of Versailles?

Lloyd George hated the Treaty, He liked the fact that Britain got German colonies, and the small German navy helped British sea-power. … The Treaty of Versailles was a compromise, and it satisfied nobody. Even Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France, did not get everything he wanted out of the Treaty.

Why did Lloyd George not want a harsh treaty to be imposed on Germany?

Lloyd George did not want to treat Germany too harshly as he wanted to resume trade with Germany as soon as possible mainly because Germany had been its 2nd largest trading partner. Lloyd George wanted to use the money that Britain made from trading with Germany to fund the growth of the British Empire.

Why was Lloyd George satisfied with the Treaty of Versailles?

Lloyd George was satisfied that Britain had gained most of Germany’s colonies, so that after 1919, Britain could recover its wealth and power. However was also dissatisfied by the Treaty as wanted Germany to be punished ,but not too much,especially in economic terms.

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What did Lloyd George want to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919 20?

What did Lloyd George want to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919-1920? Lloyd George wanted to protect British interests by ending the threat to the Navy and Empire. He had promised the British public to “squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak”. To ensure that France did not become too powerful.

What was David Lloyd George goal for the peace conference?

Going into the summit, he wanted to punish Germany for the devastation of France, take back Alsace and Lorraine, take land from the Rhineland and divide Germany. He also wanted to disarm Germany, share German colonies amongst the victors, and collect reparations for the damage caused to France and Belgium.

What did Lloyd George do?

As wartime Chancellor Lloyd George strengthened the country’s finances and forged agreements with trade unions to maintain production. In 1915, Asquith formed a Liberal-led wartime coalition with the Conservatives and Labour. Lloyd George became Minister of Munitions and rapidly expanded production.

Why did Lloyd George Favour a moderate peace settlement with Germany?

Wanted a Moderate Peace to aid their economy by trading with the Germans. They feared Germany would rise up in revenge if too harsh and lead to a secondary world war. Also they hated the communist and feared a weak Germany would fall to communism.

What did David Lloyd George not want from the Treaty of Versailles?

Lloyd George, too, said he wanted to ‘make Germany pay’ – but only because he knew that was what British people wanted to hear. He wanted ‘justice’, but he did not want the kind of ‘hard justice’ sought by France (which he thought would cause another war in 25 years time).

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Who was more satisfied with the Treaty of Versailles Wilson or Lloyd George?

All three leaders were satisfied to different extents regarding the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Clemenceau was quite pleased, Lloyd-George was slightly regretful, and Woodrow Wilson was only really happy about establishing the League of Nations.