What did Lily do in France Gossip Girl?

What is Lily’s secret in Season 3 Episode 11?

Desperate to keep some secret from Rufus that we don’t know about (Lily covered a previous trip up by telling her newlywed husband her mom was in remission even though she wasn’t) Lily tucks the letter into the pocket of ‘her’ coat.

Why was Lily in the Ostroff Center?

The clinic appears again in Gaslit, after Lily involuntarily commits Serena after she was brought to the hospital after a drug overdose unknowingly caused by Juliet. While there, Eric says her room was bigger than his.

Why did Lily marry Bart?

10 Lily Marries Bart

But Lily’s relationship with Bart wasn’t based on love – this match was a pragmatic one. Lily’s ultimate decision to marry Bart was complicated by her affair with Rufus Humphrey. Lily admitted to Rufus that even though she loves him, she chose to marry Bart.

What secret trip did Lily take?

Lily likely visited her ex-husband in Europe during the extra month she was supposedly with Cece. The reason for her visit is yet to be seen, but the guesses are endless. Perhaps she carried a faint torch for him and needed to extinguish it before marrying Rufus.

What did the note from Serena’s dad say?

The letter, of course, reveals that Lily and Serena’s dad slept together while she said she was with Cece. At the end, Rufus is already thinking retaliatory affair. Gulp.

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Does Lily go to jail in Season 4?

Lily tries to sell Bass Industries, but the Bass family is in for a shock when an old enemy, Russell Thorpe and his daughter Raina come to town. After keeping it secret for so long, Lily serves a house arrest sentence for forging Serena’s signature on a legal document.

Does Lily get her apartment back from Ivy?

After learning of her proprietorship of the penthouse, Ivy evicts Lily and Rufus and claims it as her own. … With the revelation that Bart Bass is alive, Lily annuls her marriage to Rufus and he moves back to the loft in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Blair kicks Serena out of her apartment and she moves back to Lily’s.