What do French quotations look like?

How do you write a quote in French?

Make a quotation…the French way

While English typically uses either the double or the single apostrophe to make a quotation, French goes about it in an entirely different manner, using guillemets to reference a third party. Two angled brackets, guillemets, reference quotations or speech within a text.

What do quotation symbols look like?

Quotation marks can be double (“…”) or single (‘…’) – that is really a matter of style (but see below for more about this). … Quotation marks are also called “quotes” or “inverted commas”.

How do you type French guillemets?

To type the french guillemets on-the-fly, use Alt+174 for « and Alt+175 for ». The 174 and 175 needto be typed on the numpad and in this case is not prefixed by a zero (e.g. 0).

Do French people use quotations?

Quotation Marks in French

Most of the above punctuation marks are used in similar ways to those in English. … This is because the French do not use quotation marks (” ”) to denote speech as English speakers do. Instead, they use les guillemets, as seen in the story at the beginning of the lesson.

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How do you do a French quote on the keyboard?

To type French quotation marks « » use ctrl + alt + [ and ], respectively.

Are quotation marks punctuation?

Does punctuation go inside or outside quotation marks? … Sentence-ending punctuation is a whole different story. In the United States, the rule of thumb is that commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks, and colons and semicolons (dashes as well) go outside: “There was a storm last night,” Paul said.

Is feet one tick mark or two?

For feet, a single apostrophe is used (‘). For inches, a double apostrophe is used (”). Here’s an example.

Why do quotations look different?

Simply put, they lacked the physical space for a full character set. And this reason alone is why the curly opening and closing quotation marks were removed from the keyboard layout – making way for other, supposedly more important, characters.

How do you type Chevron?

Place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.

To insert symbols using keystroke combinations (HotDocs 6/2005/2006)

Name Symbol Keystroke Combination
HotDocs chevrons « » Alt+0171, Alt+0187
Section symbol § Alt+0167
Copyright symbol © Alt+0169
Registered trademark symbol ® Alt+0174

Which countries use guillemets?

For instance, «angle quotes» (guillemets) are used for all four official languages of Switzerland, including German, even though a different style is used in Germany and Austria.