What do you call air in French?

What gender is air in French?

You already know there are agreement rules when you use French adjectives. But in this case, the question is: should you agree with the subject she –feminine form– or with the noun air –masculine form–?

What does AER mean in French?

aérer. vt. [+linge, pièce] to air.

How do you say air in different languages?

In other languages air

  1. American English: air /ˈɛər/
  2. Arabic: هَوَاء
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: ar.
  4. Chinese: 空气
  5. Croatian: zrak.
  6. Czech: vzduch.
  7. Danish: luft.
  8. Dutch: lucht.

Is Air feminine in French?

However, when the adjective is modifying the word air itself, the adjective remains masculine singular to agree with it. Cette femme a l’air heureuse. That woman looks happy (looks like she is happy).

How do you say sky in different languages?

In other languages sky

  • American English: sky /ˈskaɪ/
  • Arabic: سَمَاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: céu.
  • Chinese: 天空
  • Croatian: nebo.
  • Czech: obloha nebe.
  • Danish: himmel.
  • Dutch: lucht.

What is lair?

: in the air —opposed to par terre.

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Is Ecole MASC or FEM?

The word école is a feminine noun. If you would like to say ‘a school’ be sure to use the feminine indefinite article, une: une école….

Is Mari masculine or feminine in French?

Inflected form of the adjective mās (“manly, masculine”).

What is the difference between APR and AER?

A APR (annual percentage rate) is the annual rate of interest payable on mortgages, loans, credit cards and other credit products. … AER (annual equivalent rate, although sometimes known as the annual effective rate) is usually used in savings accounts.

Is Aer Greek or Latin?

The prefix (aer- or aero-) refers to air, oxygen, or a gas. It comes from the Greek aer meaning air or referring to the lower atmosphere.

What is the medical term for Aer?

Aer-, aero-: Prefix indicating air or gas, such as aerogastria (excess stomach gas).

What is the scientific word for air?

Sometimes, the word “atmosphere” is used instead of the word “air.” Standard Dry Air is the composition of gases that make up air at sea level. It is a standard scientific unit of measurement. Standard Dry Air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, krypton, hydrogen, and xenon.

How do you say wind in other languages?

In other languages wind

  1. American English: wind /ˈwɪnd/
  2. Arabic: رِيح
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: vento.
  4. Chinese: 风
  5. Croatian: vjetar.
  6. Czech: vítr.
  7. Danish: vind.
  8. Dutch: wind.

Is Earth masculine or feminine in French?

Answer: Earth means la terre in french..la terre est féminin.

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