What do you need to open a French bank account?

How do I open a bank account in France?

In order to open an account in France you should make a visit to the local branch office of the bank of your choice and complete an application form, called a ‘mandat’. The following documentation is required: You will need to provide your passport and proof of your address, such as your electricity or telephone bill.

Can you open a bank account in France without living there?

It is possible to open a non-resident account (compte non-resident) with some French banks, although some require a minimum deposit. … Banks that provide day-to-day banking services in both France and abroad may be able to help open an account at a French branch for you.

How easy is it to open a French bank account?

It will take around 15 minutes and there is no need to visit a local branch in France. The whole process is straightforward, but don’t forget you will need to supply online documents which provide your proof of ID, address, income and your current main bank account.

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How can an American open a bank account in France?

Documents I was required to bring for opening a bank account in France:

  1. Passport.
  2. Carte de sejour.
  3. W-9 form.
  4. Proof of residence in France (I brought our electricity bill as proof but any type of bill would work if it’s in your name)

Can I have a French bank account without a French address?

If I don’t have a recent utility bill or proof of address in France what can I do? In most cases, you will not be able to open a French bank account. Some banks will allow you to set up a provisional account if you show them your move is imminent, and then they’ll complete the procedure once you have a French address.

Can I keep my French bank account after Brexit?

There is no reason to suppose that one could not keep a bank account open after Brexit. Having said this, banks do sometimes behave in an individualistic manner, so one could not completely rule out the possibility that the bank requests that you close your account if you neither own nor rent property here.

Can I just move to France?

Except for some European and Swiss citizens, most foreign travelers need a visa to travel to France. If you plan to stay longer than three months, you may also need a France residence permit. Work permits are linked to residency so you may need to have a job before you move.

Which is the best bank for expats in France?

Which bank offers the best account for foreigners living in France? Our readers chose Britline, a branch of Credit Agricole Normandie, as the bank account of choice for foreigners in France.

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Does N26 offer French Iban?

While Revolut and its German competitor N26 have been successful in client acquisition in France, with approximately one million and 1.75 million customers respectively, Nickel and Boursorama have a clear advantage: they can both offer clients a French International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Is N26 a French bank account?

N26 is a fully-regulated bank that holds a European banking license and is controlled by the German banking regulator.

Does N26 work in France?

N26 is a digital bank that’s available in a number of countries across Europe, including France.