What does cases mean in French?

How do you say in case in French?

French translation of ‘in case’

  1. in case it rains au cas où il pleuvrait.
  2. in case he comes au cas où il viendrait.
  3. in case we need it au cas où nous en aurions besoin.

What is the meaning in some cases?

One of the definitions of “case” is a “set of circumstances” or an “instance”. So “in some cases it is correct” is saying that this is sometimes correct, but implying that it is not always correct.

What does Cade mean in French?

a barrel or cask. [Fr. … cadus, a cask.]

What is lower case in French?

lower-case. [of letters] bas m de casse.

What does a case mean in slang?

get / be on someone’s case, Slang. to bother or nag someone; meddle in someone’s affairs: Her brother is always on her case about getting married. … have a case on, Slang. to be infatuated with: He had a case on the girl next door.

What does have a case mean?

have a case (against someone or something)

To possess a significant amount of incriminating evidence (against someone or something), as could be presented in court. With her testimony, now we really have a case. My lawyer says we have a case against our landlord.

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Is CAdES a word?

adj. Left by its mother and reared by hand: a cade calf.

What does Cade smell like?

Aromatic Description

Cade Essential Oil smells smoky. It is similar to the aroma of burning wood or tar.