What does Paris Hilton do with her old clothes?

What is the clothing style in Paris?

Most Parisians do wear sort of business casual clothing when going to work, and more casual, relaxed clothes on the weekends. However they don’t sacrifice style to comfort. It’s not typical to wear yoga pants or running style leggings to walk in Paris.

What shoes did Paris Hilton wear?

Hilton has worn a range of pumps and sneakers by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti over the years, frequently accented with crystals or mixed materials — both staples in her maximalist wardrobe.

How old was Paris Hilton when she started partying?

Party Paris

Paris didn’t just get into the party scene – Paris Hilton WAS the party scene. At the young age of 16, Paris grew her reputation to be the wild party girl.

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