What inspired the political thinkers in France?

Who inspired the French?

Montesquieu , Jean-jacque Rousseau and Voltaire are some french philosophers that inspired French people.

Who inspired French people for their right?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a great philosopher which inspired the French people as well as the revolutionaries.

What inspired the French philosophers Class 9?

Answer: Ideas of having a society based on freedom and equal laws and opportunities for all were put forward by the French philosophers. … The ideas of these philosophers were discussed by common people in salons and coffee houses and inspired them to fight for their rights.

How did philosophers influence the thinking of the people of France?

Answer: Philosophers influenced the thinking of the people of France as : (i) They believed that mans’ destiny was in his own hands. (ii) Criticized the divine and absolute rights of rulers. (iii) Idea of formation of government based on social contract between people and their representatives.

How was the French Revolution inspired by the Enlightenment?

The ideas of the Enlightenment played a major role in inspiring the French Revolution, which began in 1789 and emphasized the rights of common men as opposed to the exclusive rights of the elites. As such, they laid the foundation for modern, rational, democratic societies.

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How did Locke influence the French Revolution?

In 1690, Locke published his Two Treatises of Government. … He argued that natural rights such as life, liberty, and property existed in the state of nature and could never be taken away or even voluntarily given up by individuals. These rights were “inalienable”.

What revolutions were inspired by the French revolution?

Inspired by the idea of liberty, revolutionaries fought against aristocratic and colonial rule. They sparked the Haitian Revolution of 1791, the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and revolutionary wars in Latin America.

Who were the philosophers that inspired common people?

The philosophes (French for ‘philosophers’) were writers, intellectuals and scientists who shaped the French Enlightenment during the 18th century. The best known philosophes were Baron de Montesquieu, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Denis Diderot.

Which three ideas of French Revolution inspired the democratic ideals all over the world?

The ideas of “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” were immortalized in the three colors of the French flag.