What is alligator French?

What is alligator called in French?

Translation Matrix for alligator:

Noun Related Translations
caïman alligator; caiman; cayman; large crocodile
crocodile alligator; caiman; cayman; large crocodile
grand crocodile alligator; gator; large crocodile

Is alligator masculine or feminine in French?

alligator {masculine}

gator {noun} [Amer.] [fam.] [abbr.] Le bungee, la lutte avec les alligators.

What does cocodrie mean in French?

The name Cocodrie is an alternate spelling of the Louisiana French word cocodril, which means “crocodile.” It is a waterfront town, located due west of Grand Isle, on an inlet of another bay blocked by several barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico.

What is alligator slang?

see you later, alligator

A childish way of saying goodbye, for now. Often responded to with “in a while, crocodile.” A: “OK, I’ve got to go, kiddo—see you later, alligator!” B: “In a while, crocodile!

What is Panda in French?

More French words for panda. le panda noun.

How do you say alligator in different languages?

In other languages alligator

  • American English: alligator /ˈælɪgeɪtər/
  • Arabic: تـِمْساحٌ أَمِرِيكيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: jacaré
  • Chinese: 短嘴鳄
  • Croatian: aligator.
  • Czech: aligátor.
  • Danish: alligator.
  • Dutch: alligator.

How do you spell Lion in French?

lion → lion, lionne.

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What does NEG mean in Cajun French?

Neg. a term of endearment for a male cajun. Negresse. a term of endearment for a female cajun.

How do you say baby in Cajun?

Bébé means baby in French, but the Cajun version is pronounced “beb” and is used like “babe.”