What is centre France known for?

What is the Centre region of France known for?

The Centre region is worldwide renowned for its beautiful Châteaux de la Loire. The Loire River, the last wild river in Europe, is famous to be the royal river. The whole Centre region has been influenced by Kings’ stays during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

What is special about Centre Val de Loire?

With its 2,500 listed monuments, Centre-Val de Loire attracts nine million visitors annually thanks to its wealth of unspoilt landscapes (Val de Loire, Sologne, Perche, Berry), two of the most visited châteaux in France (Chambord and Chenonceaux), its wine heritage (third largest wine-growing region in France) and its …

What is the capital of Centre France?

What important cities are in Centre-Val de Loire?

Largest cities

  • Tours with 139,963 inhabitants (2016)
  • Orléans with 114,644 inhabitants (2015)
  • Bourges with 66,528 inhabitants (2015)
  • Blois with 46,351 inhabitants (2014)
  • Châteauroux with 43,732 inhabitants (2015)
  • Chartres with 38,875 inhabitants (2015)

What is the culture in Centre-Val de Loire?

The Best Cultural Activities in Centre-Val de Loire

Live like French royalty for a day with a local wine tasting, and the freedom to explore three astounding châteaux.

Are there any mountains in Centre-Val de Loire?

Mountains. The territory of the Centre-Val de Loire region is formed mostly by large plains and low plateaus. The Le Magnoux (46°25′43″N 2°11′54″E), at 501 m (1,644 ft), is the highest point of the Centre-Val region.

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Why is the Loire river important?

Modern man began to inhabit the Loire Valley in 30 ka and by 600 BC the Loire River was a major transportation and trading route. Six regions in France have been named after the Loire River whose riverbanks in the Loire Valley support many vineyards along its route today.