What is French slang for Grandma?

Is Meme French for grandma?

The French-Canadian name for grandmother is mémé. Mémère is another French-Canadian term for a granny or grandma. In some instances, mémère has a slightly derogatory tone, much like “old lady.” In Quebec, the term can be used to refer to a nosy person or a gossip.

What are slang names for grandma?

Pick a Nickname

Some of the most popular shortenings for “grandma” and “nana” include: Gram, Grammy, G-Ma, Granny and Nan. Grandpa or Papa are often shortened to Gramps, Pop, Pap, G-Pa, Poppy or Grandaddy.

What do wogs call their grandma?

The most commonly used Greek term for grandmother is yia-yia, sometimes rendered as ya-ya. These may also be spelled as separate words: yia yia and ya ya — or without the hyphen — yiayia and yaya.

What does Pepe mean in French?

noun. [ masculine ] /pepe/ familiar. grand-père. grandpa.

How do you describe Grandma in French?

Answer: Ma grand-mère est vraiment douce et adorable.

Is Pepe French?

grandfather; grandpa; granddad.

What does Meme and Pepe mean in French?

Pepe and Meme are how a lot of French speaking children call their grandparents in France, in Switzerland, in Quebec, etc.. Pepe and Meme are also how one would (not always) affectionately call old folks.

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