What is SPA French?

What does Hammam mean in French?

[ˈamam ] masculine noun. (= établissement) hammam ⧫ Turkish baths pluriel. (= bain de vapeur) Turkish bath.

What is another word for spa?

What is another word for spa?

gymnasium gym
sanatorium sanitarium
sauna day spa
health spa health club
hot spring health facility

How do you say spa in other languages?

In other languages spa

  1. American English: spa /ˈspɑ/
  2. Arabic: يَنْبُوعٌ مَعْدَنِيّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: spa.
  4. Chinese: 温泉
  5. Croatian: toplice.
  6. Czech: lázně
  7. Danish: spa.
  8. Dutch: mineraalbron.

Is message masculine or feminine in French?

Words that end in -age, as in message and mirage, and -eau, like manteau (coat) and chapeau (hat), are usually masculine. On the other hand, most words that end in -ion, like libération and possession, and -té, such as liberté (freedom) and égalité (equality), are feminine.

How do you say massage in other languages?

In other languages massage

  • American English: massage /məˈsɑʒ/
  • Arabic: تَدْلِيكُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: massagem.
  • Chinese: 按摩
  • Croatian: masaža.
  • Czech: masáž
  • Danish: massage.
  • Dutch: massage.

What do you mean by hummam?

noun. (in Islamic countries) a communal bathhouse, usually with separate baths for men and women.

What is the another word for beautiful?

What is another word for beautiful?

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alluring attractive
gorgeous charming
elegant exquisite
handsome pretty
ravishing striking

What are relaxing words?


  • calming,
  • comforting,
  • dreamy,
  • lulling,
  • narcotic,
  • pacifying,
  • quieting,
  • sedative,

What is another name for beauty salon?

What is another word for beauty salon?

beautician’s beauty parlor
hair salon salon
beauty parlour hairdressing salon
salon de beaute beauty shop
spa hairdresser