What is the conjugation of aller in French?

How do you conjugate aller in French?

Aller in the present tense

  1. Je vais – I go, I am going.
  2. Tu vas – You go, you are going (sing. fam.)
  3. Il va – He/It goes, he/it is going.
  4. Elle va – She/It goes, she/it is going.
  5. Nous allons – We go, we are going.
  6. Vous allez – You go, you are going (pl. pol.)
  7. Ils vont – They (m.) go, they are going.
  8. Elles vont – They (f.)

What is verb aller in French?

Aller is one of the most common and useful French verbs and has irregular conjugations in most tenses and moods. Aller literally means “to go” and is required to create the near future.

Do you have to conjugate aller in French?

As a result, nous allons is pronounced ‘neuz-al-lon’ and vous allez is pronounced ‘veuz al-lay. ‘ Also, the French present tense encompasses both the ideas of ‘You go’ and ‘You are going.

Present Tense Conjugation.

Pronoun Verb
Je Vais (pronounced Vai)
Tu Vas (Pronounced Va)
Il/Elle/On Va (Pronounced Va)

What are the 6 forms of aller in French?

Terms in this set (6)

  • je vais. I go. I am going.
  • tu vas. you go. you are going.
  • il, elle, on va. he, she, one goes. he, she, one is going.
  • nous allons. we go. we are going.
  • vous allez. you go. you are going.
  • ils, elles vont. they go. they are going.
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How do you conjugate Aller conditional?

Aller is a third group verb even if it finishes in -er. It conjugates with 3 different bases : va to indicative present and imperative : je vais, tu vas…, base ir to future and conditional : j’irais, tu iras.… Otherwise, base is all.

How do you conjugate aller in French passe compose?

For the verb aller, the passé composé is conjugated using the auxiliary verb être instead of avoir. This is followed by the past participle of aller – allé. Unlike the verbs that use avoir, the past participle of aller must match the gender and number of the subject.

How do you conjugate Aller in the Imparfait?

‘aller’ is the model of its conjugation.


je/j’ allais
tu allais
il, elle, on allait
nous allions

How do you conjugate Aller in the future tense?

The future tense endings are the same for -er, -ir and -re verbs: -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont.

5 Irregular verbs in the future tense.

Pronoun aller Meaning: to go
j’ irai I will go
tu iras you will go
il elle on ira he/she/it/one will go
nous irons we will go

Is Aller etre or avoir?

In most instances the auxiliary verb used is avoir. However, several intransitive verbs, like aller (to go), require the auxiliary être instead.

What tense is je vais aller?

How to form the immediate future

Subject pronoun Aller = to go English
je vais I’m going
tu vas You’re going (informal)
il/elle/on va He is going/She is going/We are going
nous allons We are going
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