What is the feminine of Brun in French?

What is Brun French?

brun → brown, tan, swarthy, swart, dark-skinned.

Is Brune feminine?

Adjective. absolute definite natural masculine singular of brun.

Is Brun a word?

No, brun is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the feminine of Nouvel in French?

Before we talk about the trick to distinguishing between neuf and nouveau, we should point out the feminine forms, which are irregular, of each adjective: the feminine of neuf is neuve, and the feminine of nouveau is nouvelle (though nouvel is used as the masculine form before words beginning with vowels or the silent …

What is noir feminine?

Noun. noir m (plural noirs, feminine noire) a black person.

How do you make Brun feminine?

Colours marron (brown/chestnut) and orange (orange) never change in any form, plural and/or feminine.

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Masculine Singular marron
Feminine Singular marron
Masculine Plural marron
Feminine Plural marron
English brown

What is the feminine form of gris?

Rules for gender agreement

grey gris grise
light blue bleu clair bleu claire
orange orange orange
pink rose rose

Is Vert masculine or feminine in French?

In general, adjectives add an e to become feminine and an s to become plural — although there are notable exceptions that you will learn along the way. Using today’s word, you can see the many forms: le stylo vert (the green pen) – masculine singular. les stylos verts (the green pens) – masculine plural.

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What does Brum mean in slang?

Meaning of Brum in English

an informal name for Birmingham, a large city in central England: I’ve lived in Brum all my life. … We’re off to Brum in the morning.

What is the meaning of Bron?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Bron is: Son of a dark man.

Is Maison masculine or feminine?

French article genders

The feminine noun maison (house) takes the form of la maison (the house), une maison (a house), or les maisons (the houses).