What is the French verb pouvoir?

Is pouvoir a regular French verb?

The French verb pouvoir means ‘can’, or ‘to be able to’ – another very common verb and yes, you’ve guessed it, it is irregular and takes a bit of learning.

How do you form pouvoir?

It is formed by conjugating the verb avoir in the present tense, then adding the past participle of the verb, which in this case is pu. When using the verb pouvoir in the present perfect, it means “was/were able to”, or managed to/succeeded to.

What is Pouvoir infinitive?

These are useful verbs that are always followed by an infinitive. They are usually used in the present, imperfect, past tense with a past participle or in the conditional tense. pouvoir – means can/to be able to. je peux aller à la fête – I can go to the party.

Is pouvoir an auxiliary verb?

Pouvoir is a very useful verb with a highly irregular conjugation. It is used to express ability, and it’s translated as ‘can,’ ‘could,’ or ‘may. ‘ It is a semi-auxiliary verb, which means that it is often (but not always) followed by an infinitive.

How do you use pouvoir in French?

Pouvoir = can, to be able (ability)

Tu peux finir ce projet. You can finish this project. Je peux manger une pizza entière. I can eat a whole pizza.

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What is the subjunctive of pouvoir?

The verb pouvoir (to be able to) is conjugated in the subjunctive in the following manner. Je ne pense pas qu’ils puissent aller jusque-là I don’t think they can go that far! Note: In general, the subjunctive is used with verbs which express will or wanting, desire, emotion, obligation, doubt or uncertainty.

How do you conjugate Pouvoir in futur simple?

‘pouvoir’ is the model of its conjugation.


futur simple
je pourrai
tu pourras
il, elle, on pourra
nous pourrons

What is pouvoir in future tense?

“Pouvoir” is a powerful verb. Once you know it, you can easily ask people to do something, and express what you can do.

Conjugation of pouvoir (can)

Present Future Imperfect
Je peux pourrai pouvais
Tu peux pourras pouvais
Il/elle/on peut pourra pouvait
Nous pouvons pourrons pouvions

Does je ne pense pas take subjunctive?

Penser may require the subjunctive, depending on whether it is used affirmatively, negatively, or interrogatively: Par exemple… Je pense qu’il veut aller avec nous. I think he wants to go with us.