What is the use of Paris Polyphylla?

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What is the national status of Paris polyphylla?

A total of 138 native vascular plants taxa are threatened in Nepal, including over 50 species of medicinal plants (CAMP 2001, Tandon et al. 2001). Among them Paris polyphylla Sm. is listed under vulnerable category (V) by IUCN and CAMP.

What is Paris rhizome?

Paris polyphylla is a herbaceous perennial in the Trilliaceae, whose rhizomes are used in traditional Chinese medicine as a hemostatic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.

Is Herb Paris poisonous?

When taken by mouth: Herb Paris is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. The plant and berry contain poisonous chemicals. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, small pupils, trouble breathing, and death.

How do you grow in Paris?

Choose a deep, well-drained woodland or humus-rich soil (preferably neutral to slightly acidic). Plant in a slightly shaded spot that remains moist in summer. Avoid transplanting: all plants in this genus are best left undisturbed. Feed with a good quality leafmould mulch in autumn.

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