What is Velib in Paris?

How does the Velib deposit work?

Vélib’: The app

Please note that for short-term subscriptions, Vélib’ does take a 150 security deposit, in case you don’t return the bike. The hold is lifted from your account the next day. In the case of long-term subscriptions, the security deposit increases to €300.

How do you get Velib?

How to Sign Up for Velib

  1. Open the Velib Paris app and select “Hire a Bike” at the bottom. …
  2. Select “1 day” or “7 day” depending on our preference. …
  3. Select the number of bikes. …
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions.
  5. Fill out your personal information.
  6. Pay for your Velib Rental with a credit or debit card.

How do you use Velib in Paris?

Walk up to any Velib’ Station and follow the steps on the screen, which are as follows:

  1. Click 1 to buy a ticket.
  2. Create a 4-digit pin.
  3. You will be asked to accept a 150€ deposit in case the bike is not returned.
  4. Insert your credit/debit card. Your card must have a chip and pin in order to work.
  5. Collect printed receipt.

How do you lock Velib?

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  1. When stopped, press the ✔ key on the keypad.
  2. The PAUSE symbol appears.
  3. Scan your card (Vélib’ or Navigo)
  4. Turn the handlebars to lock your bike: the symbol below confirms that yoour Vélib’ is locked.
  5. Press the end of the left handle.
  6. Pull the anti-theft cable out of the end of the right handle.
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Can tourists use Velib?

Vélib’ bicycles are smart and connected, and show you your speed and distance travelled as you ride. For trips with family or friends, opt for the V’Découverte 1-day pass or the V-Séjour 7-day pass and hire up to 5 Vélib’ bicycles at any one time.

Is Velib free with Navigo?

All three work with a physical card that will be sent to you (or added to your Navigo card): “V-Libre” is a pay-as-you-go account for occasional users. It costs nothing to subscribe, but charges you €1 per 30 minutes for the green bikes and €3 per 45 minutes for the blue bikes.

Can I cancel my Velib subscription?

A cancellation request for legitimate reasons shall be sent by simple mail to: Service Clients Velib’ Métropole – TSA 71111 – 92 667 Asnières-Sur-Seine Cedex or by email to service-client@velib-metropole.fr with the supporting documents corresponding to the event in question.

How do you ride a bike in Paris?

Basic safety rules

  1. Cycle on the right-hand side of the road, 1 metre from the pavement and from parked cars.
  2. Be bold and maintain your cycling line in the road if it would be dangerous for a car to overtake you.
  3. Use cycle paths where possible.
  4. Keep a safe distance of 1 metre from other vehicles.

Can I take a bike on the Paris Metro?

Bringing your bicycle

Bicycles are generally not allowed on the Metro, except on Line 1 on Sundays and public holidays until 4:30pm. Taking them on the escalators is forbidden, so even if you decide to do this, you may have to carry it up quite a few stairs since not all stations have lifts.

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