What kind of French does duolingo teach?

Can you become fluent in French with Duolingo?

Duolingo won’t get you anywhere near fluent. If you’re learning French (or any other language on Duolingo, for that matter) to be able to read, then you’re in the right place. If you want to become conversational, reach a level higher than A2, then you must complement your learning with other sources.

Does Duolingo teach France French?

However, Duolingo uses English to teach French, and most of the exercises are based on English-French translation and vice-versa. … Each Duolingo French lesson has 5 types of exercises: Match pictures with words, with pronunciation audio as well. Translate words or sentences from English to French, and vice-versa.

Does Duolingo teach Canadian French?

Duolingo doesn’t teach Quebecois/Canadian French, although I’ve noticed it is partially compatible with it.

What level of French does Duolingo teach?

The Duolingo course will typically get one to a good A2 or even a B1 in terms of reading and understanding, if one really works hard at learning everything rather than just barely making it through.

Is Duolingo a waste of time?

It’s a waste of time. In fact, it’s just as bad as the education system Von Ahn criticizes. Duolingo outsources its translation services, allowing for awkward sentences to slip in undetected. And translation (the core of its platform) is already widely known to be an ineffective way to learn a language.

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Is Babbel better than Duolingo?

Main Differences Between Babbel vs Duolingo

Babbel is best for learnings looking to completely master a language, whereas Duolingo is better for sporadic learners who want to dabble. Babbel offers lessons with conversational practice and cultural immersion, whereas Duolingo offers adaptive learning lessons.

Is Duolingo good for French?

Overall, DuoLingo is certainly a good resource to aid yourself in learning French. It’s motivating, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s free. Now with a mobile application, you have no excuses not to practice on the go!

Is Duolingo French Canadian or French?


As earthkissed said, French spoken in Canada is still French, so the Duolingo course is still a valid way to learn French even if you only plan on using it in Canada. I’ve met a few Duolingoists who studied French specifically to use it in Canada and they deemed it useful, obviously.

How can I speak French fluently in 30 days?

How to Learn French in 30 Days: An Adaptable Guide for Your Personal Language Goals

  1. Step 1: Define Your French Learning Goals. …
  2. Step 2: Build Your Personal Reference Library. …
  3. Step 3: Bookmark Pronunciation Resources. …
  4. Step 4: Download Apps for On-the-go Learning. …
  5. Step 5: Create Your Study Plan.

What is B1 French?

Level B1, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Threshold‘ or ‘Breakthrough’ stage, is the point at which a French speaker moves away from the most simplistic language usage and is able to cope with most of the situations they are likely to encounter when travelling around a French-speaking country.

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How far can Duolingo take you French?

4 Comments. Yes I can 🙂 Duolingo can take you maximum to B2 level (If you read books and watch movies at the same time), then you should develop your language skills on your own, to reach mastery 🙂 Good luck.

Is Duolingo good for French 2021?

Most likely no. Duolingo is a good tool to learn a language, but complete fluency comes with more practice and speaking than what Duolingo is capable of providing users.