What privileges did the first two estate enjoy in France?

What privileges did the 1st and 2nd estate have?

Two of the three estates had rights and privileges such as being excused from paying taxes, and having the opportunity to run for a high office. The other estate was not treated with the same luxury. They had to pay insanely high taxes and many did not get the right to get an education.

What privileges did the 2nd estate enjoy in France?

Members of the Second Estate did not have to pay any taxes. They were also awarded special priviliges, such as the wearing a sword and hunting. Like the clergy, they also collected taxes from the Third Estate.

What were some of the privileges that the first estate enjoyed?

Legally the first two estates enjoyed many privileges, particularly exemption from most taxation. … The second estate, the nobility, inherited their titles and their wealth came from the land. Some members of the nobility had little money, but had all the privileges of noble rank.

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What was a privilege of the first estate?

Among the other advantages held by the upper estates: The First Estate (the clergy) were about 100,000 in number but owned roughly ten percent of all the land. They did not pay tax, but did contribute a “voluntary gift” to the government.

What did the second estate want?

Whereas the King sought tax reform, the First and Second Estates sought to protect their power and privilege. The Third Estate wanted greater representation and greater political power to address issues of inequality. After weeks of dissent, no agreement was reached and the meeting of the Estates-General was disbanded.

How did the special privileges given to the first and second estates in France affect the Third Estate?

and how did those differences contribute to unrest in France? Members of the First and Second estates had access to the best jobs, received special treatment under the law, and paid no taxes. Members of the Third Estate paid all of the taxes but had none of the privileges the other estates enjoyed.

What was the most important privileges enjoyed by the first two estates?

The important privilege enjoyed by the members of the first two estates was their exemption from paying taxes to the state.

Which estate enjoyed the feudal privileges in France before French Revolution?

Answer: Explanation: The members of the first two estates – the Clergy and the nobility, enjoyed certain privileges by birth such as exemption from paying taxes. The nobles further enjoyed feudal privileges that included feudal dues, which they extracted from the peasants.

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What were the privileges enjoyed by the clergy and nobility?

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Some privileges enjoyed by the clergy and nobility are: They are not liable to pay taxes to the government. Third estate or the peasants provide services to them. They collect tax and levies from the third estate parties that is, the peasants for tithes.