What reasons Friar Laurence give to Paris to delay the marriage?

What are the reasons Friar Lawrence provides to Paris when he discourages Paris from marrying Juliet?

In Act IV of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, what is the true reason Friar Lawrence does not encourage Paris in his plan to marry Juliet? The wedding plans are too rushed. Juliet is already married to Romeo.

What does Friar Laurence say to discourage Paris from marrying Juliet?

A despairing Juliet begs Friar Lawrence’s help in averting a marriage to Paris. If he can’t help her, she has resolved to commit suicide. Friar Lawrence has a solution: she should go along with her father’s plan, but when it’s time to marry Paris, Juliet will take a potion that mimics death.

Why does Friar Lawrence seem so uneasy about Paris request?

1. Why does Friar Lawrence seem so uneasy about Paris’s request? … married to Romeo; this is dramatic irony because the audience knows Friar Lawrence knows, but he is pretending he doesn’t know about Juliet not wanting to marry Paris.

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What is the true reason Friar Lawrence does not encourage Paris in his plan to marry Juliet is Juliet?

Terms in this set (24) In Act IV, what is the true reason Friar Lawrence does not encourage Paris in his plans to marry Juliet? He knows she’s already married to Romeo. What detail about Friar Lawrence, revealed earlier in the play, takes on new, important meaning in Act IV?

Why did Friar Laurence give Juliet the potion?

Juliet is heartbroken at losing her love and seeks Friar Lawrence’s help. … The Friar will give Juliet a potion to make her appear dead. After drinking it, her family will lay her apparently lifeless body in the Capulet tomb. The potion will last for 24 hours, during which time Friar Lawrence will send news to Romeo.

Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?

When Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet, Friar Lawrence agrees because he thinks their marriage might bring about the end of the feud between their two families. He states, “For this alliance may so happy prove / To turn your households’ rancor to pure love” (2.3.

What is friar’s plan?

The friar proposes a plan: Juliet must consent to marry Paris; then, on the night before the wedding, she must drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead. Juliet will be laid to rest in the Capulet tomb, and the friar will send word to Romeo in Mantua to help him retrieve her when she wakes up.

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Why does Friar Lawrence agree to help Juliet by giving her this potion What could he have done instead?


Rather than let her do that, he will help her pretend to die, so that she can escape her family’s will and marry Romeo. The potion will put her into a (death-like) sleep from which she can then awaken; that’s what the other line means.

What reason does Paris give for not having spent much time courting Juliet?

Specifically, he says that she is too sad about what happened to Tybalt: Immoderately she weeps for Tybalt’s death. Paris therefore does not spend time courting Juliet because he knows that she is not in the right frame of mind for romance.