What types of buildings are in France?

What kind buildings are in France?

The top twenty most visited monuments in France

  • Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (free)
  • Sacré Coeur basilica, Montmartre, Paris (free)
  • Gardens of the château de Versailles, near Paris (free)
  • The Louvre, Paris.
  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris.
  • The Georges Pompidou centre and museum of art, Paris.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral Strasbourg (free)

How many buildings are there in Paris?

Paris is a remarkably flat city. Currently, Île-de-France has 17 skyscrapers (buildings with a roof height of at least 150m or 492 ft.), however, all but one of these are located in La Défense, outside the city limits. In the next few years, in spite of some stiff opposition, this could all change.

Which of the following famous buildings are in France?

Famous monuments of Paris: Vocabulary

Eiffel Tower Tour Eiffel (f)
French Revolution Révolution française (f)
garden jardin (m)
Middle-Ages moyen-âge (m)
monument monument (m)
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