What was one major difference between the American and French revolutions?

What was the major difference between the American and French Revolutions?

The French revolutionaries were protesting a foreign colonial government, while the American revolutionaries were fighting against their own government. The American Revolution was a violent military conflict, while the French Revolution was an intellectual and political debate led by Enlightenment thinkers.

How were the American and French Revolutions similar and different?

The Causes of the French revolution and the American revolution are similar because they both were partially prompted by an over-reaching monarch, another similarity was that both revolutions were started by the commoners who wanted revolution to improve their lives, however a key difference is that the American …

What was a major difference between the American Revolution and the later French Revolution?

Location is a key difference between the two wars. The American Revolution took place in a colony an ocean away from its ruling monarchy in Britain. The French Revolution took place within France itself, an action that directly threatened the French monarchy.

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How were the American and French Revolution different quizlet?

The American revolution was a colonial revolution against a mother country and the French revolution was in France against their king. The colonists in America wanted to be viewed as Americans and not British therefore wanting independence from the mother country.

What are the differences of French Revolution and industrial revolution?

The French Revolution changed political powers by the dead of the kings , while the Industrial Revolution changed economic powers giving more opportunitys to people for having a stable economy if you own a factory .

Which statement best describes a major similarity between the French and American revolutions?

Both want a change from being ruled by an absolute ruler, both have economic instability from war debt, both have social inequality. And also, both started because of enlightenment ideas. What was the major difference between the American and French Revolutions? The American revolution didn’t have the reign of terror.

Why was the American Revolution more successful than the French Revolution?

The American Revolution was more successful in building and consolidating institutions, in solving the religious question with the First Amendment, but they also had advantages the French did not have. In terms of influence, the French Revolution has been more exportable than the American one.

What is the American and French Revolution?

The French Revolution lasted from 1789 until 1799. The Revolution precipitated a series of European wars, forcing the United States to articulate a clear policy of neutrality in order to avoid being embroiled in these European conflicts.

What accounts for the dramatic differences between the Glorious Revolution and the French Revolution?

The most obvious difference is that the Glorious Revolution represented the affirmation or strengthening, but also a kind of adjustment, of an existing constitutional system, while the French Revolution overthrew an existing system of government.

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