What weapons did they use in the French Revolution?

What was the secret weapon in the French war?


Mitrailleuse de Reffye a.k.a. “Canon a Balles” (1866)
Type Volley gun
Place of origin France
Service history
In service 1866–1908

Did Napoleon have a gun?

Napoleon introduced lighter carriages and guns. Napoleon’s artillery was lighter and much more mobile than most other nations’ field artillery at this time, allowing him to move them up with his infantry in battle. … Napoleon standardised his guns – the 12-pounder [12pdr] foot artillery became standard of his army.

What rifles were used at Waterloo?

The Guardsmen whom Gronow commanded at the Battle of Waterloo — fought 200 years ago this week — were armed with the India Pattern Brown Bess musket, as were the majority of the British, German and Dutch infantry.

Are volley guns legal?

However, the ATF does make an exception for “volley guns” and allows the manufacture and sale of firearms that fire more than one round with each pull of the trigger, provided that those rounds are fired from separate barrels.

How many cannons did Napoleon have at Waterloo?

At the Battle of Waterloo, the French deployed 252 large guns, as opposed to the Allies’ 156. 80 of the French cannons were assembled into a Grand Battery at the centre of their line, while others were deployed to bombard the Allied strongpoints of Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte.

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What weapon did Sharpe use?

The rifle used by Sharpe’s unit (and indeed by all British rifle companies of the Napoleonic Wars) is the Pattern 1800 Infantry Rifle, known also as the “Baker” rifle after its designer, London gunsmith Ezekiel Baker.