Where are Lyons tea leaves from?

Where do Lyons Tea leaves come from?

Lyons Loose Gold

Our Gold Blend is a robust, bold and fully rounded tea that embodies the deepest flavours from the world’s lushest tea gardens. We use our finest Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon tea leaves to create this intense and rich tea.

Is Barrys tea grown in Ireland?

Barry’s has approximately 34% of the Irish tea market and behind Lyons, the top-selling brand. Barry’s Tea is still blended and made in Cork, Ireland.

Which tea is better Barrys or Lyons?

RESULTS. In a shock upset for some, it was a convincing 4-1 win for Lyons over Barrys. Lyons is the victor, with even a convinced Barry’s partisan won over by its taste. All but one of the tasters also correctly identified the two teas.

What ethnicity is Lyons?

Recorded as Leo, Leon, Lion, Lyon and Lyons, this is usually an English, but Scottish or Irish surname, although in most cases is ultimately of early French origins. Introduced into the British Isles after the Norman Conquest of 1066, it has a number of possible sources.

Where does the name Lyons come from in Ireland?

This surname derives from the Irish noble names of Ó Laighin and ‘Ó Liatháin. These Irish families are not related to the Norman noble family that originated in Normandy. However, confusingly, there are also descendants of the noble family, which had seats in County Offaly and County Westmeath, in Ireland.

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What is the Irish name for Lyons?

Lyons in Irish is Liatháin.