Where is Charles the French from?

Is Tada from Charles The French Indian?

The half-French Thai comedian-magician has some tricks up his sleeve for his upcoming India tour. When Charles Alexis Guenard and his friend Tada Piriyanupong, filmed the spoof, How the iPhone 7 should have been Announced, in 2016, little did they know it would get nearly 20 million views in just one day.

Where is Charles The French living?

Website. Charles Alexis Guenard, also known as Charles The French, is a French-Thai YouTuber, musician, and comedian. He was born to a Thai mother and a French father in Lyon, France. He moved from France to Thailand when he was 14.

Who is Charles The French wife?

Charles IX of France

Charles IX
Burial 13 July 1574 Basilica of St Denis, France
Spouse Elisabeth of Austria (1570-1574)
Issue Marie Elisabeth of Valois Charles, Duke of Angoulême (illegitimate)
House Valois-Angoulême

Is Charles an English name?

The name Charles is derived from the Old English word “ceorl,” meaning “free man.” The word “ceorl” was used to distinguish a free person from a bondsman or slave (“thew”) and a noble person (“eorl”). Origin: Charles is the French spelling of the Germanic name Karl (or Carl).

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