Where were the French settlements in North America quizlet?

Where did the French mainly settle in America?

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Term Definition
Samuel de Champlain A French explorer who founded the first permanent French settlement in North America, Quebec.
Quebec The first permanent French settlement, founded in 1608.

Where did the French and Dutch settle in North America?

The French and Dutch established colonies in the northeastern part of North America: the Dutch in present-day New York, and the French in present-day Canada. Both colonies were primarily trading posts for furs.

Which of the following was the location of a successful early French settlement in North America quizlet?

In 1608, he founded Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. Quebec was the first French settlement in North America.

Where did the French settle in America quizlet?

In 1608, Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec, on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Quebec was the first French settlement in North America.

Where were the French settlements concentrated quizlet?

Where were the French settlements concentrated? [Along the St. Lawrence River and Quebec.]

How did France establish claims in North America?

How did France establish territorial claims in North America? Explorers established French claims in North America. … The French made the Native Americans their *business partners. An especially friendly relationship was established between the French and the Huron, who were enemies of the Iroquois.

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Why were the French in North America quizlet?

To find a water route to Asia. A group of merchants that would be allowed to trade furs in the colonies and in return they would build settlements. The French’s first settlement established in North America.

What were France’s goals in North America?

French colonization in the Americas was backed by three main goals, namely shifting the excess population of France to the colonies and giving settlers greater opportunities for success, making money, especially through the fur trade, and spreading the Catholic faith through missionary activities among the Native …