Which country was excluded from the Treaty of Versailles negotiations quizlet?

Who was not invited to the Treaty of Versailles negotiations?

Most importantly, the defeated – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire – were not invited to the negotiations in Paris, whereas France had been a central actor in Vienna 100 years before.

What countries negotiated the Treaty of Versailles?

The Allied countries—including the United States, Britain, France, Italy, and Japan—negotiated the peace treaty at the Palace of Versailles in France from January 1919 to January 1920.

Why was Germany excluded from the Treaty of Versailles?

The main reasons why the Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles was because they thought it was unfair. Germany had not taken part in the Conference. … They hated clause 231 – the ‘War Guilt’ clause – which stated that Germany had caused ‘all the loss and damage’ of the war.

Who represented Japan at the Treaty of Versailles?

On January 1919, Saionji Kinmochi, Japan’s representative to the Versailles Peace Conference found himself seated alongside the leaders of the “Big Four” (Great Britain, France, Italy, and the United States). This occasion marked Japan’s status as one of the world’s great powers after the First World War.

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Which two countries were excluded from the peace talks at Versailles?

Germany and the other defeated powers, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey, were not represented at the conference; nor was Russia, which had fought as one of the Allied powers until 1917, when the country’s new Bolshevik government concluded a separate peace with Germany and withdrew from the conflict.

What countries were involved in the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 which country was not invited to participate and why?

The Paris Peace Conference was held in France between Jan. 18, 1919 – Jan. 21, 1920 to finalize the peace between the Allied and Central Powers. Representatives of over 30 countries participated; however, Germany and the other Central Powers were not invited to attend.

What did each country want from the Treaty of Versailles?

The two countries’ leaders wanted to see Germany pay reparations for the cost of the war and accept the blame for causing the war. Wilson’s intentions were very different. Wilson desired to create a system that would keep future wars from happening, as well as promoting a U.S. vision of democracy and peace.