Which Indian reformer was inspired from the significance of French Revolution?

Which Indian reformer inspired the French Revolution?

Social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy took a keen interest in European politics and followed the course of the French Revolution.

Which Indian leaders influenced the French Revolution?

Answer: Tipu Sultan and Rammohan Roy are the two leaders of India who react to the paragons of the French revolution.

Which dynasty Louis XVI belong?

Louis XVI belonged to the Bourbon dynasty.

What revolutions were inspired by the French Revolution?

Inspired by the idea of liberty, revolutionaries fought against aristocratic and colonial rule. They sparked the Haitian Revolution of 1791, the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and revolutionary wars in Latin America.

How was the French Revolution inspired by the Enlightenment?

The ideas of the Enlightenment played a major role in inspiring the French Revolution, which began in 1789 and emphasized the rights of common men as opposed to the exclusive rights of the elites. As such, they laid the foundation for modern, rational, democratic societies.

Which two Indians influenced the French Revolution?

Tipu Sultan and Raja Rammohan Roy are two Indians who were very much influenced by the revolution in France.

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