Who is the 1 president of France?

Who was first president of France?

The president of France is the head of state of France. The first officeholder is considered to be Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, who was elected in 1848 and provoked the 1851 self-coup to later proclaim himself emperor as Napoleon III.

Who were the last 3 presidents of France?

Fifth Republic (1958– )

  • Charles de Gaulle (1959–69)
  • Georges Pompidou (1969–74)
  • Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (1974–81)
  • François Mitterrand (1981–95)
  • Jacques Chirac (1995–2007)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy (2007–12)
  • François Hollande (2012–17)
  • Emmanuel Macron (2017– )

Who is the current president and prime minister of France?

Who was the president of the 2nd Republic of France?

French Second Republic

French Republic République française
• 1848–1852 Prince Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
Vice President
• 1849–1852 Henri Georges Boulay de la Meurthe

Who is the president of the UK?

Boris Johnson became Prime Minister on 24 July 2019. He was previously Foreign Secretary from 13 July 2016 to 9 July 2018. He was elected Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in May 2015.

Who is the head of Spain?

Born in Madrid on 29 February 1972. Pedro Sánchez has been President of the Government of Spain since June 2018. He holds a Doctorate in Economics and is General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (Spanish acronym: PSOE), which he joined in 1993.

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Who runs France today?

President of France

President of the French Republic
Incumbent Emmanuel Macron since 14 May 2017
Executive branch of the French Government
Style Mr President (informal) His Excellency (diplomatic)
Status Head of state Executive President