Why did Cardinal Mazarin rule France?

What did Cardinal Mazarin do for France?

Cardinal Jules Mazarin was chief minister to Louis XIV, securing for the French king all the trappings of absolute monarchy. He engineered a number of French victories near the end of the Thirty Years War and also played a leading role in the negotiations of the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the war.

Why did the people of France dislike Cardinal Mazarin rule?

Many people in France, particularly the nobles, hated Mazarin because he increased taxes and strengthened the central government. Nobles rebelled and failed. a conflict over religion and territory and for power among European ruling families.

Why did Cardinal Richelieu and Mazarin want to increase the power of the monarchy in France?

Richelieu took two steps to increase the power of the Bourbon monarchy. First, he moved against Huguenots. He believed that Protestantism often served as an excuse for political conspiracies against the Catholic king. … Richelieu also wanted to make France the strongest state in Europe.

Who were Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin and what influence did they have on French history quizlet?

In the early 17th century, Cardinal Richelieu, chief minister to King Louis XIII, greatly increased the authority of the French monarchy and increased France’s power in Europe. Cardinal Mazarin continued with this work during the early years of King Louis XIV’s reign, further reducing the nobility’s power.

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Who was Mazarin to Louis XIV?

MAZARIN, JULES (Giulio Mazarini; 1602–1661), diplomat, cardinal, and first minister during the regency of King Louis XIV of France. Born near Pascina outside Rome on 14 July 1602, Mazarin was the eldest son of six children. He received an early Jesuit education in Rome and then pursued further studies in Spain.

How did Cardinal Richelieu strengthen royal control in France?

Cardinal Richelieu, strengthened self-government, sought to destroy the power of the Huguenots and nobles. … He wanted to strengthen it by destroying of the Huguenots and the nobles. He reduced their independence and tied the nobles to the king.

How did Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu of France at against the Huguenots?

In 1627, he directed a campaign against the Huguenots himself. … The Huguenots were starved out. Richelieu then showed his political acumen by letting Louis XIII enter La Rochelle at the head of his army on November 1st 1628. Richelieu knew that this would appeal to the king who loved to ‘lead’ his troops.