Why do French use garlic?

What is garlic used for in France?

While garlic originated in Asia over 7,000 years ago, it is used in a variety of cuisines including French. It’s also used for medicinal purposes and is considered a herbal remedy for colds. Garlic is also thought to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Modern science has proven garlic’s antibiotic properties.

Do the French cook with garlic?

French cuisine does not use garlic in even half of its recipes, and when garlic is used, it is mostly with a light touch. Herb and spices in the French kitchen. Herbs and spices are every French chef’s second right hand, or if the chef is a lefty, like two of my children, a second left hand.

Do French people like garlic?

Of all the people in the world, the French have most revered garlic for thousands of years. The image of the Frenchman in his beret with a garlic baguette is a cliche, but there is a truth to it. … However, most restaurants are French and so, of course, they use garlic.

Does garlic grow in France?

France is recognized worldwide for the quality of the garlic plants it produces. French garlic crops are grown in a rich and diversified soil in favourable climatic conditions, and the industry involves a network of skilled professionals covering all areas of garlic plant production, from plant breeding to marketing.

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How do you eat garlic sausage?

Garlic sausage has no casing. It can be left whole, sliced or diced and eaten on its own, or added to recipes. It can be served cold, at room temperature, or heated. Although fully-cooked, it’s delicious when crisped by searing, sautéing, or grilling and when diced and added to dishes during the cooking process.

Do Italians mince garlic?

Contrary to some beliefs, when used properly garlic does not have to overpower your dish. For amazing Italian food, fresh garlic cloves are the only way to go. … The skins will now come off easily, and the garlic is soft and ready to be chopped or minced.

What is ail seasoning?

ail – aromatic bulb used as seasoning. garlic. flavorer, flavoring, flavourer, flavouring, seasoning, seasoner – something added to food primarily for the savor it imparts. garlic clove, clove – one of the small bulblets that can be split off of the axis of a larger garlic bulb.