Why does French sound like German?

Do French and German sound similar?

All vowel sounds common to French and Spanish exist in German as well. In fact, the entire vowel phonology of Spanish is only a subset of the French and German ones. The nasal vowel sounds are French only. French and German “r” sounds similar: La rose-die Rose (r=h).

Why does French sound so weird?

The biggest reason for unpronounced letters is that, at one time, the letters were pronounced. Spelling tends to reflect the language as it was spoken when the language was standardized, rather than how it’s pronounced today.

How closely related are French and German?

Using such a method, English was evaluated to have a lexical similarity of 60% with German and 27% with French. Lexical similarity can be used to evaluate the degree of genetic relationship between two languages.

Are French and German r the same?

Senior Member. [x] and [r] are quite analog, FonEtiks; the French “r” might be a bit “stronger” than the German one, but you’ll be perfectly understood even if your “r” sounds a bit more French. Actually people in in the very west of Germany, e.g. Cologne, do pronounce it French-like.

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Why is German so harsh?

The German Stereotype

Well, linguists say that when people talk about ‘harsh’ sounding languages, they’re usually referring to tongues that make sounds using the back of the vocal track. This can result in a more throaty, guttural noise which gives the language a stronger sound which others don’t seem to have.

Should I study French or German?

If you are a native speaker of any of the Romance languages then you will feel it easy to learn French. On the other hand, Germanic language speakers will find German a little easier. Don’t get too happy. There are some grammatical rules both in German and French that can prove to be an uphill task.

Can you be fluent in 5 languages?

A person who can speak four or more languages is multilingual. Only three percent of people around the world can speak over four languages. Less than one percent of people worldwide are proficient in many languages. If someone is fluent in more than five languages, the person is called a polyglot.

Is the S in Paris silent?

(Silent “S”.)

Why does French sound beautiful?

The explanation as to why people find French attractive and charming would be more cultural and sociological. … If the French accent is considered as charming, appealing and sensual as many consider it, it’s because people associate the language with their own perceptions of the accent’s sexiness.

Is English closer to French or German?

By linguist criteria English is more similar to German, both belong in the West Germanic languages and its vocabulary has been influenced by other Germanic languages as well.

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What is the most guttural language?

Certain languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or possibly German and Dutch are often described as “guttural”.