You asked: How many trees are in France?

How many trees are there in Paris?

There are no less than 484,000 trees in Paris!

This makes Paris one of the most treed cities in Europe and here we’re only counting the «public» trees.

Which country has the most trees 2021?

Countries with the most trees

Country Total No. of Trees
Brazil 302 Billion
USA 228 Billion
China 140 Billion
Democratic Republic of Congo 101 Billion

Do sycamore trees grow in France?

Yes, the most popular street tree in Paris and also in many other European cities is the sycamore or Planetree, Platanus acerfolia, and is actually a hybrid of our native sycamore tree, Platanus occidentalis, and the Oriental planetree.

Does France have a lot of forest?

Forests now cover 16.7 million hectares* in metropolitan France (30% of the area) and 8.3 million hectares in French overseas territories (see image on the right). … France is one of the only countries in Europe to have tropical forests.

Are there forest in Paris?

In need of nature? The Paris Region forests are the green lungs of our destination! From Fontainebleau to Rambouillet, from Dourdan to Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Montmorency, enjoy a breath of fresh air with our Top 5 nature excursions around Paris.

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