You asked: Is it expensive to live in Lyon France?

Is Lyon an expensive city?

Lyon is generally considered to be 20% cheaper than Paris, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t one of the most costly cities in France to live in. In fact, prices are high on just about everything.

How much does it cost to live in Lyon?

Cost of Living in Lyon

Expense U.S. $
Rent (two-bedroom apartment) $1,100
Utilities (electricity, water, gas) $180
Internet/Cellphone/Cable TV $100
Transportation (Monthly bus pass) $70

Is Lyon France a good place to live?

What do you love about Lyon? Lyon has such a great quality of life it’s surprising when you first arrive here. There are two rivers, a huge park (the largest urban park in France), several different districts which are very interesting, fantastic food and wine and a nice climate.

Is Lyon cheaper than Paris?

1. Because Lyon is much cheaper than Paris… and that’s a fact! It’s no secret that Paris has often been listed amongs the world’s most expensive cities. … Lyon won’t drain your wallet nearly as much as Paris.

Is Montpellier cheap to live in?

Summary about cost of living in Montpellier, France: Rent in Montpellier is, on average, 74.81% lower than in New York.

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Do they speak English in Lyon?

Most young people in Lyon speak more or less English, and since many international companies operate there, it’s also not rare to find older people speaking it.

Where do expats live in Lyon France?

To the west and southwest, the towns of Ecully, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, Ste. Foy Lès-Lyon and St. Genis Laval are also popular among expats. There is easy access to the city, but you are also close to the beautiful “Monts du Lyonnais” mountains to the west.

Where should I live in Lyon?

Where should you consider moving and living in Lyon?

  • The 1st arrondissement: the liveliest districts of the city. Around the Place des Terreaux, the Hotel de Ville de Lyon, the Opera House, Church St. …
  • The 2nd arrondissement: the heart of Lyon, the biggest & the best shopping district.

Does Lyon get snow?

When does it snow in Lyon? January through April, November and December are months with snowfall in Lyon.

Is Lyon diverse?

Lyon achieved a College Factual diversity rank of #767 out of 3,514 total schools in the ranking. A high overall ranking means this school is considered quite diverse among all factors: student race/ethnicity, age, gender, and location.