You asked: What is Jaguar called in French?

What does Tata mean in French?

tata n. aunt ; aunty ; auntie.

What does Janue mean in French?

masculine and feminine noun. yellow. adverb. rire jaune to laugh on the other side of one’s face.

What does Castagne mean in French?

Translation of “castagne” in English. Noun. Verb. fighting. muscle.

What is koala French?

noun. [ masculine ] /koala/ (animal) petit animal grimpeur d’Australie.

Is Tata French for Aunt?

Tonton and tatie are French nicknames for one’s aunt and uncle.

What is Tata in Italian?

[ˈtata ] (linguaggio infantile) nanny.

Is Tata a French word?

From Italian tata, from Latin tata (“dad, daddy”), of onomatopoeic origin.

What is Janeu in English?

Noun. janeu (plural janeus) (Hinduism) A sacred thread or cord received as a rite of passage by someone studying under a guru.

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