You asked: What was the most important crop in New France?

What is the most important crop in France?

Cereals and sugar beets are the most important crops. Wheat is widely grown in the Paris Basin; other grains grown are barley, corn, and oats, which, with sugar beet factory residues, are used primarily for livestock feed; some rice is grown under irrigation in the Rhône delta.

What food was popular in New France?

Pork and smoked hams were a preferred meat in the region. They also ate beef and domestic fowl as well as game, such as deer, bison, squirrel, bear, duck, and goose. Catfish was especially favored. Meat and vegetables were usually combined in soups, fricassees, and gumbos (derived from African cooking).

What did they farm in New France?

Most people were farmers growing wheat, peas, oats, rye, barley and maize on long, narrow farms huddled along the St. Lawrence River. Although poor by our standards, these people often lived better than some rural people back in France.

What was New France’s most important product?

But the fur trade was the real economic driver of New France. The harvesting of furs created wealth, stimulated the exploration of the continent and created alliances with many Aboriginal peoples.

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What crops do France produce?

Among the major agricultural products, France stands out in the volume of wheat, barley and corn in grain, potatoes and sugar beet in root vegetables, and beef, pork, raw milk and cheese in livestock. In addition, France is active in grape production and is the world’s largest producer of wine *4.

What did New France drink?

The most popular drinks were wine, Bordeaux in particular, and spirits. Other types of wine were also imported to the colony from Champagne, Navarre, the Canary Islands and Frontignan, and locally brewed beer was consumed regularly by the inhabitants.

What did they eat in 18th century France?

Bread also was an important part of the French diet in the mid-eighteenth century, a culinary tradition continued today (baguette, anyone?). Cereals (barley, oats, millet, buckwheat, and maize) and legumes dominated the diet of the poor and soaked up meat juices and rich sauces prepared for the court.

What was grown in New France?

Despite the abundant resources that the new continent had to offer, native foods provided the basis of subsistence only until European cereal crops and livestock could be established. Among the plants that Aboriginal people grew, corn, beans, squash and Iroquois pumpkin were the most important.

How did New France use their land?

It extended from Newfoundland to the Canadian Prairies and from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, including all the Great Lakes of North America. In the 16th century, the lands were used primarily to draw from the wealth of natural resources such as furs through trade with the various indigenous peoples.

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