Your question: Can Jane Fonda speak French?

Is Jane Fonda fluent in French?

Jane Fonda: Jane Seymour Fonda is an American writer, actress, political activist, producer, former fashion model, and fitness guru. She was born in New York City on December 21, 1937. Fonda can speak French very well. She has learned the French when got married to french director Roger Vadim for seven years.

Who speaks French the best?

8 celebrities that really do speak great French

  • #1 Leighton Meester. leightonmeester101. 1.87K subscribers. …
  • #2 Joseph Gordon-Levitt. MsJGLmovies. 11.8K subscribers. …
  • #3 Tom Hiddlestone. Torrilla. …
  • #5 Bradley Cooper. Figaro Live. …
  • #6 Gwyneth Paltrow. VodkasterOfficiel. …
  • #7 Kristin Scott Thomas. INA Arditube. …
  • #8 Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp Fan.

Is Angelina Jolie fluent in French?

Angelina Jolie has an established fondness for the French language. … This love and fondness extends to her being able to speak the language and speaking it with her kids.

Why does Bradley Cooper speak French?

Bradley Cooper – French

According to People Magazine, Bradley was first inspired to learn French as a kid after watching Chariots Of Fire. … He also took advantage of going on an exchange program in Aix-en-Provence in France for six months where he lived with a host family.

Is the Queen fluent in French?

Queen Elizabeth can speak both English and French, having learned the latter as a child. Her Majesty’s language skills are shared by several members of the Royal Family, including Prince William and Prince Philip.

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Can Serena Williams speak French?

Serena Williams — French, Italian

Bilingual athletes take note; on top of all of her athletic accomplishments, Williams is also multilingual. She has shown off her French and Italian skills on camera during speeches after international competitions.

Can Madonna speak French?

The singer struggles to keep up when they chatter away in French, but she is studying the language so she can keep track of what they are talking about. She tells Britain’s The Sun on Sunday, “My French is not very impressive, but it’s good enough. Everyone in my house speaks perfect French but me.