Your question: Do the French take naps?

What cultures take naps?

The Spanish Siesta

When it comes to napping cultures around the world, Spain stands out for its love of midday dozing. Napping holds such a special place in Spanish culture that they have a word dedicated to the practice: “siesta.”

At what time do French people wake up?


Ranking Country Average wake-up
13 Italy 7:52 AM
14 Romania 8:01 AM
15 Colombia 6:31 AM
16 France 7:51 AM

What countries nap at lunchtime?

Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm. Siestas are historically common throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, The Middle East, Mainland China, and the Indian subcontinent.

What time do Spanish go to bed?

In addition, Spanish workers typically work 11-hour days, from 9am to 8pm. With dinner at 9pm and a couple of hours of TV, they tend not to get to bed before midnight.

Do Japanese take naps at work?

There’s a new trend in hard-charging, sleep-deprived Japan: taking naps mid-day. Sleeping on the job is one of the biggest workplace taboos. If you’re being paid to do a job, you don’t want to be seen asleep during working hours. But now some companies in Japan are waking up to the benefit of a power nap.

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Why do Chinese sleep after eating?

According to Traditional Chinese Medication, to keep the harmony within your body, it is thus advisable to take a nap. For employers, they believe that when their employees do take the time to rest during the day, it is especially good for productivity, plus well-rested workers are happy workers.

Which country sleeps the most?

Among the most rested countries surveyed by Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks how much shuteye people are getting, New Zealand comes top with the average Kiwi clocking up in excess of 7.5 hours per night. Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, the UK and Belgium all rank highly for sleep, too, with Ireland close behind.

Which country gets the least sleep?

Which are the most sleep-deprived countries? According to a survey by Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks sleep hours, the top three sleep-deprived countries are South Korea and Saudi Arabia getting just under 6.5 hours per night on average and the sleepiest country Japan clocking in a few winks above 6.25 hours.

How much do French people sleep?

The average French person sleeps almost nine hours every night, more than an hour longer than the average Japanese and Korean, who sleep the least in a survey of 18 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Which country sleeps the earliest?

AUSTRALIANS have the earliest bedtime of any country, according to a new study of global sleep patterns. Spaniards go to bed the latest, the Dutch get the most sleep, and people in Singapore and Japan are the most sleep-deprived.

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