Your question: How do you greet your girlfriend in French?

What should I say to my girlfriend in French?

Romantic French Phrases

Tu as de beaux yeux. You have beautiful eyes.
Tu me rends heureux. You make me happy. (female)
Je veux être avec toi. I want to be with you.
Tu es ma joie de vivre. You’re the joy of my life.
Je suis fou de toi. I’m crazy about you.

How do you say hello to a girl in French?

Bonjour is the go-to greeting in French. But if you want to be more precise (and the French usually love precision), if it’s evening or nighttime, you can say Bonsoir (literally, “Good evening”).

Is Mon Ami romantic?

The French word for “a friend” is un ami (for male friends) or une amie (for female friends). … When you say “my” (mon/ma) before the word then it is more likely to be the more intimate version! To say “my friend” in French, it’s mon ami or mon amie.

What is meant by Bonjour ma belle?

Bonjour, ma belle. Hello my beautiful darling.

What is the difference between Bonjour and Salut?

Salut like saying “Hello”, while Bonjour is like” Hello/ Good day/ or Good morning”. But Bonjour is used when you don’t know the person that well. Salut you can say to your friends and family.

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Is mon Amie correct?

1) “Mon ami” is just a cliché

Mon ami (or mon amie in the feminine) means “my friend.” If there’s a French character in an American movie, they basically have to say it at some point.

Does Amie mean girlfriend?

Very young girl would say “copine” to talk about her friend. When you grow up, teenager or more, Amie becomes friend and Copine becomes Girlfriend.

What is mon Dieu?

“Mon Dieu” (my God in French) is a 1960 song by Édith Piaf.