Your question: How many fountains do the gardens of Versailles contain?

How many fountains are found in the gardens at the palace of Versailles?

The Palace garden is designed around alleys running parallel or perpendicular to the Royal Way and marking out groves. At the four crossroads of the principle alleys stand four fountains, built in the 1670s and dedicated to the four seasons.

How many fountains decorated the grounds of Versailles?

There are 50 water spouting fountains each symbolising a theme gracing the splendid Gardens of Versailles. The fountains are decorated with sculptures of gilded lead or metal portraying characters from Greco-Roman mythology.

How many garden walks are there at Versailles?

There are fourteen of these enclosed gardens at Versailles, all different to one another, and all served as a setting for royal entertainments.

How much did Versailles cost in today’s dollars?

Actual building costs for Versailles are debated by modern historians, because currency values are uncertain. However, Versailles’ price tag ranges anywhere from two billion dollars (in 1994 USD) all the way up to a maximum cost of $299,520,000,000!

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