Your question: What does T shirt mean in French?

What does tee-shirt mean in French?

More French words for T-shirt. le T-shirt noun. T-shirt. tee-shirt.

Is tee-shirt feminine in French?

It’s the ending (usually) that determines the gender of a word. La chemise (feminine) is a (men’s) shirt. Le chemisier (masculine) is a (women’s) blouse.

Ending Examples Exceptions
-et le poulet, le buffet, le regret, le beignet (fritter) la forêt
-oir le couloir, un espoir, le miroir, le soir

What is un tee-shirt in English?

un tee-shirt translation | French-English dictionary

Tee-Shirt n. T-shirt.

How do you say t-shirt in Peruvian?

Over in Bolivia and Chile, they will call it Polera. Then in Peru, it is known as Polo. On the island of Cuba, it is called Pulóver. Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay use the word Remera.

What is jeans in French?

The French word for jeans is

E.g. le jean.

How do you say T-shirt in different languages?

In other languages T-shirt

  1. American English: T-shirt /ˈtiˌʃɜrt/
  2. Arabic: تي شيرت
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: camiseta.
  4. Chinese: T恤衫
  5. Croatian: majica.
  6. Czech: tričko.
  7. Danish: T-shirt.
  8. Dutch: T-shirt.

How do you say t-shirt in German?

You are learning German too?

Translation by Vocabulix.

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English German
a nice T-shirt ein nettes T-Shirt
t-shirt das T-shirt
t-shirt T-Shirt1
T-shirt Leiberl

What’s orange in French?

orange → oranger, orange.

What is the French word for sweatshirt?

un sweatshirt de petite taille [example]

What does Shorts mean in French?

1. (= short trousers) short m. a pair of shorts un short. US) (= underpants) caleçon m.

How do you say Lion in French Google Translate?

lion → lion, lionne.