Your question: What is the feminine version of laid in French?

What is the feminine of laid in French?

Adjective. laid (feminine singular laide, masculine plural laids, feminine plural laides)

What does the French word laid mean?

[lɛ ] Word forms: laid, laide [lɛd] adjective. ugly.

What is feminine doux?

doux (feminine singular douce, masculine plural doux, feminine plural douces) sweet quotations ▼ soft. mild, gentle.

Is Laide masculine or feminine?


masculin féminin
laid laids laide laides
plus laid plus laids moins laid moins laids plus laide plus laides moins laide moins laides

What is the opposite word of laid in French?

Laid in French means ugly. So it’s opposite will be beautiful that is beau in French.

What is Jolie French in English?

pretty, lovely, nice (thing)

Is lait masculine or feminine in French?

The word for milk in French is lait. According to French rules of grammar, lait is masculine.

What is the opposite of mince in French?

Answer: thick (épais) Explanation: meaning of mince – thin.

What is masculine of Forte?

15 Comments. juliegolick. The pronunciation for “fort” (the masculine form) is closer to “for” — you don’t really pronounce the “t”. For the feminine, “forte”, you do pronounce the “-te” but it would be pronounced sort of like the castle/building “fort” in English. June 12, 2012.

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What is the adverb of malheureux?

Adjectives / Adverbs

unhappy adj. malheureux , malheureuse adj. unfortunately adv. malheureusement adv.

What is the gender of lad?

A lad is a boy or young man.