Your question: What white wine do the French drink?

What are the white wine of France?


  • All Grape.
  • Chardonnay (113)
  • Chenin Blanc (6)
  • Colombard (3)
  • Gewürztraminer (2)
  • Grenache Blanc (2)
  • Jacquere (1)
  • Loin De L’Oeil (1)

What is the best white wine in France?

What to drink in France? 10 Most Popular French White Wines

  • Wine Variety. Viognier. Rhône-Alpes. …
  • Wine Appellation. Chassagne-Montrachet blanc. Côte-d’Or. …
  • Wine Variety. Chenin Blanc. …
  • Wine Appellation. Vouvray. …
  • Wine Appellation. Meursault blanc. …
  • Wine Variety. Pinot Gris (Alsace) …
  • Wine Appellation. Sancerre. …
  • Wine Appellation. Chablis.

What wine do the French drink?

French people will drink different wines depending on the season. Right after the harvest in September, it’s common drink wines that are best served fresh, like Beaujolais Nouveau. Red wine is most common in winter, although you can certainly drink red wine any time of year.

What are French wines called?

Top Values of French Wines

Alsace Riesling (white) Côte Chalonnaise Burgundy (red/white)
Beaujolais-Villages (red) Côte de Bourg Bordeaux (red)
Bergerac (red/white) Côte du Rhône-Villages (red)
Cahors (red) Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux (red)
Bourgogne (Rouge or Blanc) Non-vintage brut Champagne

What does Pouilly Fuisse mean in French?

: a dry white burgundy from an area west of Mâcon, France.

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Is Pouilly Fuisse a white Burgundy?

Pouilly-Fuissé is the most distinguished wine appellation in the Mâconnais, making rich, full-bodied white Burgundy from Chardonnay in four communes: Chaintré, Fuissé, Solutré-Pouilly and Vergisson.

Is Alsace a Riesling?

Just the Facts on Alsace Wine

Alsace wine will change your perception of a traditionally sweet Riesling. Besides Riesling, Alsace produces quite a lot of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Crémant d’Alsace: a sparkling wine that is mushrooming in popularity.

What is French Sauvignon Blanc?

Sauvignon blanc is a green-skinned grape variety that originates from the Bordeaux region of France. … The grape most likely gets its name from the French words sauvage (“wild”) and blanc (“white”) due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France.

What is Italian white wine called?

From top quality sparklers, to exquisite dry wines and rich dessert wines, Italy fits the bill for every occasion from start to finish.

  • Franciacorta. …
  • Collio and Colli Orientali. …
  • Vino Santo and Vin. …
  • Vermentino di Gallura. …
  • Vernaccia di San Gimignano. …
  • Castelli di Jesi and Matelica. …
  • Soave. …
  • Frascati.