Are French sizes smaller than Italian?

Does French sizing run small?

The French and the British are pretty true to size. Italians run a size smaller. Americans run true to size or a little more generous. In different parts of the world, body types are different: Italian skirts and pants are where one might need to size up.

Are French and European sizes the same?

Is your French shoe size the same as your European size? Most French fashion houses and footwear brands use the EU shoe size (which is the same as the Italian shoe size) just like other European brands. But, France does have its own sizing system which a small minority of French brands use.

Why is French sizing so small?

Why do we say this? In France, the smallest women’s shoe size is 34 (girls 26) and for men is 38 (boys 29)! The reason for this is that French cobblers settled on using the Paris point as a measure for making their shoes.

What is a size small in Italy?


UK/US Chest Size 32 36
FRENCH 42 46

Is Italian and French sizing the same?

Italian sizes run small: smaller than the American, but also of the French and the German, so do not feel bad if, in Italy, you see your size number rise higher than what you would expect.

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Is Italy or France bigger?

France is about 1.8 times bigger than Italy.

Italy is approximately 301,340 sq km, while France is approximately 551,500 sq km, making France 83% larger than Italy.

What size is Italian waist 32?

Men’s Pant Sizes

US / Internat. Size UK Size Italian Size
S 30 46
M 32 48
M 32 48
M 32 48

Is Italian shoe sizing the same as European?

Italian shoe sizes generally follow the standard European sizes, although they tend to run a bit smaller than, for example, French or German shoe sizes.

What’s a size 0 in Europe?

Size Guide For Women

Size XS XS
EU 30 32
US 00
Bust 30 31
Waist 23 24