Are there stick insects in France?

What countries have stick insects?

Stick insects occur on all continents except Antarctica. Their natural range is very broad; they occur at high and low altitudes, in temperate and tropical temperatures and in dry or wet conditions. Stick insects generally live in trees and bushes, but some species live entirely on grassland.

What insects are native to France?

Other insects that can often be found in more rural parts of France include a wide variety of bees, wasps and beetles, as well as large green grasshoppers – up to two inches long – and the praying mantis. In southern France, large metallic-green scarab beetles are not rare.

Are there stick insects in the UK?

There are no native stick insects in the UK, however, three species have become successfully established in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Three New Zealand species of stick-insects, or phasmids (from the Greek ‘phasma’ meaning phantom or apparition), have become naturalised in the UK over the last 100 years, …

Can stick insects hurt you?

Also it should be noted that spiny leaf insects can and will pinch (with their thorny limbs) and bite if not used to being handled, other species such as the American Walking Stick (anisomorpha bupestroides) and to a lesser extent Pink Wings have a defensive chemical spray which can cause temporary blindness and …

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Are there venomous spiders in France?

Two dangerous spiders live in France, the black widow, and the brown recluse spider. Both are highly venomous and harmful to humans.