Best answer: How can I make my French country more modern?

How do you make a French country Modern?

Stick to a simple colour palette of one or two colours and paint both the ceiling and walls in the same hue. The reason the French Country and Modern works so well comes down to conflict and contrast. Where French Country is soft and rustic, Modern is fresh and sleek.

How do you mix modern and country?

Mixing Country Styles – Do’s and Don’ts

  1. DO – Use a neutral background accentuated with vibrant colors. …
  2. DON’T – Use too many colors. …
  3. DO – Mix modern and traditional pieces of furniture. …
  4. DON’T – Combine too many pieces from the same period, or you won’t be able to achieve a contrast.

How do you mix French provincial with modern?

The simplest way to make French Provincial furniture look modern is to mix it up with contemporary furniture. If your style is eclectic, combine one or two French Provincial pieces with furniture and accents from a variety of different eras and styles, including that of the present.

What is French contemporary style?

A city that serves as a beacon of style, in fashion, architecture and design. … French modern design is informed, composed, and adventurous — Inspired by Paris itself. It is a stunning blend of sophistication borrowed from different styles, incorporating bold elements with traditional design.

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What is modern French farmhouse style?

What Is French Farmhouse Style? It’s the perfect blend of rustic elegance with a focus on French farmhouse decor. The style originated from the cottage homes and vineyards located in the South of France, which are known for their rustic charm and chic approach to French country farmhouse decor.