Best answer: Is crescendo a French word?

What is crescendo in French?

Music) crescendo m. 2. [ of applause, boos] crescendo f. 3. (= increasing level)

What language is the word crescendo?

Word Origin for crescendo

C18: from Italian, literally: increasing, from crescere to grow, from Latin.

Is Crescendo an English word?

Meaning of crescendo in English. a gradual increase in loudness, or the moment when a noise or piece of music is at its loudest: The music reached a crescendo.

What does the French word but mean?

but noun. goal, purpose, aim, object, view. zone des buts. goal area. More French Translations.

Is crescendo a Latin word?

crescendo (n.)

“a gradual increasing in force or loudness,” 1776 as a musical term, from Italian crescendo “increasing,” from Latin crescendo, ablative of gerund of crescere “to increase, grow” (from PIE root *ker- (2) “to grow”).

Can you use crescendo as a verb?

To increase in intensity; to reach or head for a crescendo. The band crescendoed and then suddenly went silent.

What’s another word for crescendo?

What is another word for crescendo?

peak summit
apex height
apogee climax
crest acme
crown culmination

What does a crescendo look like?

Crescendo – a crescendo looks like a long V on its side, starting with the small end at the left, and opening up to the right. It tells the musician to gradually get louder. Decrescendo – is the opposite of crescendo: A long V on its side, opening to the left. A decrescendo tells the musician to gradually get softer.

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