Best answer: Is science feminine in French?

Is Scientifique feminine or masculine?

scientifique {adjective masculine/feminine}

The Scientific and Technical Guidelines are of a highly scientific nature.

Is thé in French feminine?

thé {masculine}

En 1997-1999, la récolte de thé a presque doublé en raison du travail des femmes.

Is Architecte in French feminine?

architecture noun, feminine (plural: architectures f)—

How do you say science in Spanish slang?

The word is ciencia, so either la ciencia or las ciencias. posted by idahorsegirl. 0.

Is scientist a profession?

Profession. As a profession, the scientist of today is widely recognized. However, there is no formal process to determine who is a scientist and who is not a scientist. Anyone can be a scientist in some sense.

Is Louvre masculine or feminine?

The French, musée du Louvre, can be broken down into 3 parts:”museum” (musée), “of the (masculine)” (du) and “Louvre” (Louvre).

Why is pizza feminine in French?

Why is pizza feminine in French? … Remember that in French all words are either masculine or feminine (often completely arbitrarily). In this case “pizza” is feminine, so you need to use the feminine determiner, “une”. Un is for masculine and une is for feminine.

Is Sucre masculine or feminine?

Answer: Sucre is a feminine word in French.

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