Best answer: What does Pani mean in French?

What is the meaning of Pani?

/pānī/ mn. water uncountable noun. Water is a clear thin liquid that has no colour or taste when it is pure.

Is Pani a word?

No, pani is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is water a French word?

How do you Say Water in French? Water in French is “l’eau”. … Plural is “les eaux” pronounced [lé zo].

What is wer in French?

Translations. WER Noun. WER, the ~ (Windows Error Reporting)

What language is Pani?

From Hindi पानी (pānī), perhaps via another Hindi belt language.

What is the meaning of PANA in English?

/pānā/ come phrasal verb. To come by something means to find or obtain it.

What does Pani mean in Urdu?

The Urdu Word پانی Meaning in English is Water. The other similar words are Pani and Aab. The synonyms of Water include are Aqua, Drink, Rain, Rainwater, Saliva and Tears.

Is Pani a Hindi word or Urdu?

Inherited from Old Hindi पांनी (pā̃nī), from Sauraseni Apabhramsa पाणिउ (pāṇiu), from Sauraseni Prakrit (pāṇīa), from Sanskrit पानीय (pānīya, “water, drink”).

What does Pani mean in Nepali?

pani =too paanee = water.

How do you say water in every language?

In other languages water

  1. American English: water /ˈwɔtər/
  2. Arabic: مِياه
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: água.
  4. Chinese: 水
  5. Croatian: voda.
  6. Czech: voda.
  7. Danish: vand.
  8. Dutch: water.
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