Best answer: What happened to women’s rights during the French Revolution?

Who fought for women’s rights during the French Revolution?

The politics of Gouges

Olympe de Gouges was a French playwright and political activist whose feminist and abolitionist writings reached large audiences. She began her career as a playwright in the early 1780s, and as the political tensions of the French Revolution built, she became more involved in politics and law.

Did the French Revolution help women’s rights?

Women never gained full political rights during the French Revolution; none of the national assemblies ever considered legislation granting political rights to women (they could neither vote nor hold office).

How did she contribute to the nation and women’s rights?

-she protested against the declaration of rights of men and citizen as they excluded women. -in 1791 she wrote declaration of rights of women and citizen and presented it to queen. -1793 she criticized Jacobins for closing the club’s of women.

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